Updated the week after each meeting NOVEMBER 17TH MEETING NOTES Theo “Goldbead” Bakelaar from the Netherlands and Harry Schoel from Belgium Theo, Chuck Furimsky, Harry   Presentations given by Theo Bakelaar and Harry Schoel, focused on fly fishing in Europe.  Both salt and freshwater fishing opportunities were presented, with emphasis on the latter, including the species of fish found at various locations. Harry presented his fly fishing experiences in Belgium and the Czech Republic. Belgium provides opportunities for both fresh and limited salt water fly fishing. Belgium is a small country with a fixed fishing season from March through September. A license is required to fish state waters, and private club licenses may be purchased for certain parts of rivers. Lakes are stocked with trout and regulated with permits. The Otava River in the Czech Republic is a 30 mile long body of water that flows north, and provides challenging fishing for grayling in late autumn. Theo spoke about fly fishing in Holland, a country even smaller than Belgium. There are no trout in Holland, but the three large rivers provide opportunities to catch roach, pike, walleye, and whitefish. Theo fishes with large flies – 15 inches is normal – and he catches some impressively large fish. Theo also fishes in Demark in May for sea trout. He also spoke of salmon fishing in Scotland. During the meeting, members present had the opportunity to write down their “bucket list” fly fishing destinations to help us arrange fishing trips. If you have a particular body of water or fish on your list let us know. Four board members were asked to lead a fishing trip, two salt water and two freshwater.  SJCFA now has a FACEBOOK page thanks to Sarah Krug, Darrin’s wife. The site is being developed so check it out, and if you have any suggestions pass them on to us. This allows us to connect with many fly fishing sources. If you are on FACEBOOK, add our page to your Friends. Members present unanimously voted for Bob Hutchinson to be the interim Secretary for one year until elections are held in November 2017.   Upcoming events in 2017 include the January 19th meeting, “Share-and-Learn” where members have the opportunity to share their knowledge and/or learn some new techniques. Spend some time thinking about what you want to learn, or improve, and what you may be able to share. We are developing a “Fly Fishing 101” class for five women at Lake Lenape (see above for date). This is an important initiative for us as we develop our fly fishing teaching programs. If you would like to help, please contact one of the officers or directors. If you are interested in learning to fly fish contact us at the web site address at the bottom of the page. The fly tying class in January (see above for date) will feature club members demonstrating and teaching tying techniques. Attendees will be able to move from table to table to participate in this event. The tying class in February will feature professional tyer John Snively, who will teach techniques to tie salt and fresh water flies used in New Jersey. The March class will be open for beginners, and intermediate tyers. We are working on providing a casting class with an IFFF Certified Caster. If you are interested, please let us know. Also, would you like to learn first-aid and survival techniques, and CPR? We have a certified instructor that can provide a class for us on a Saturday. Please notify us if you are interested. President’s Message It’s December and the end of 2016 is just around the corner. Eleven months ago, the end of the year seemed so far away when we were contemplating the journey that this club would take. Now it’s time to reflect on what we accomplished this year. The first order of business is to list some of the milestones First and foremost, this club became the first New Jersey charter club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers. With that we became a non-profit 501(c)3 club.  We obtained a New Jersey license to run raffles.  We obtained a New Jersey sales tax exemption. We participated for the first time in the ACUA Earth Day with a club booth to promote fly fishing, the club, fly tying, and fly casting. We participated in the South Jersey Sportsmen’s Jamboree with a club booth to promote the club, fly fishing, taught casting, and demonstrated fly tying. We participated in the eighth South Jersey Casting for Recovery Retreat. We set up the ability to have hats and clothing embroidered on a local level. We had a joint meeting with South Jersey Fly Fishers in May. We participated in the New Jersey Youth Fishing Challenge held at Lake Lenape, a HOF-NOD event. We became a participating member in the Atlantic County Hooked-On-Fishing-Not-On-Drugs program and participated in both the Galloway and Brigantine programs. These accomplishments were a team effort, and a round of ‘thanks’ needs to be offered. I thank the club officers, directors, and those members that supported the club in 2016. The list is too long to name individually, and with my senior memory I know I’ll forget someone. So, THANK YOU, club members for sticking with us in our travels this year over some rough roads at times. I also want to thank the IFFF operations department in Montana for their help and support in establishing us as a charter club. Thanks go out to the Eastern Waters Council president, secretary, and treasurer for their valuable support and help this past year. There are many more to thank, and I wanted to name the people individually, but please accept that I do not want to offend anyone by forgetting their contribution. The officers and directors extend their best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. Joe Gerace President P.S.  The Eastern Waters Council (EWC) is having an IFFF membership drive. Requests will be sent to each member inviting them to give a gift of a membership to IFFF. This will be coordinated by Kat in Montana who will keep track of who participated. The members who buy a membership will be put in a raffle to win a prize, a Sage rod and reel. The Club who brings in the most members will also be eligible to win a prize. Consider giving a family member (an adult son or daughter, relative, or friend) an IFFF membership as a gift. Casting for Recovery Jim Evans asked that we provide a copy of a thankyou letter sent from CFR leader Jackie Bradley. Dear Jim      Thank you for all you do to support the Casting for Recovery program. Making the arrangements to give (sic) each participant a fly rod and reel is an unbelievable commitment to CFR. And we appreciate it and you more than we can ever express in a card.      Among ourselves, we talk about the “gifts” cancer has given us. I know that sounds strange, but you and the club are gifts to us – people we might never have met without having been diagnosed with cancer. And that would be such a loss for us. Thank you. Jackie B. [Editor’s note: Jackie’s thank you note really hits home regarding our commitment to CFR. Knowing the impact we have on them, can we in conscience do anything less than what we already do? I know I can’t.] International Federation of Fly Fishers Eastern Waters Council Hello Fellow Eastern Water Members! It's been awhile since I have contacted everyone, but now that the fishing season has slowly come to an end, or if you are a Steelhead Nut just starting, I thought it was time to contact everyone. We have had a very busy season with all sorts of activities. I was able to attend meetings of five of our member clubs and worked with the South Jersey Coastal Anglers to become a Charter Club.  I also attended the IFFF fair in Livingston, MT.  I also plan on visiting more of our clubs in 2017 as well. I want to thank all the members who supported our Council with the Drift Boat Raffle.  Look for us once again to be selling tickets for a 2017 boat.  We will be working hand in hand with FUDR with this event.  The boat will be at the Somerset Show, so stop at the booth and buy a ticket.  Thanks to your support last year and continued support this show season, the EWC is finalizing plans to offer conservation grants sharing some of the profits with our clubs, a Win - Win for all, including the environment and the hobby we love so dearly. We were able to have several of our kids attend the Canfield Camp run by FUDR in Hancock NY.  This was a week long, sleep away camp where the kids learned fly fishing and tying.  They had trips to fish the Beaver Kill and the Delaware.  Every one of them enjoyed their time and each received a Orvis rod, reel and line.  This will be occurring again next year, so keep this in mind when planning for summer activities for you children.  We would hope that some of us would donate money to support this effort.  Last year over $34,000 was needed to send 21 kids to camp. The IFFF is working hard to promote the work that we do and to increase the membership.  In response to this, Eastern Waters Council would like to start a Gift Giving Event for the holidays.  If everyone of our members gave a gift of a membership to one of their friends who fish and isn't an IFFF member we could significantly increase our voice in protecting our fisheries. This goes a long way to making sure there is access to the waters we all love to fish and protect.  We need to have a bigger voice and can only accomplish this by increasing our numbers.  Expect to hear more about this in the coming months. Sam Decker President Eastern Waters International Fly Tying Symposium November 19th and 20th the club booth displayed our new banner (and below) Thanks to members John Loeper, Mike Romond, Dick Regensburg, Darrin Krug, Dave Dewees, Jim Evans, Jerry Caruso, and Joe Gerace for their help in setting up, and manning the booth. The raffle brought in $440. First prize is a TFO TiCrX 8 weight rod with a 3-Tand large arbor reel. Second prize is a saltwater fly pattern book by Deke Myer and 45 assorted flies from the book. Drawing will take place on January 30, 2017. Embroidered Clothing We now have the opportunity to have your clothing, particularly shirts, embroidered. We are currently working on having the IFFF emblem available for embroidery as well as the club emblem. C&D Sales on 73 E. West Jersey Avenue, Pleasantville. Phone numbers are: 800-632-1089; 609-383-9292 Classifieds (Contact Joe Gerace if you wish to purchase or need more information) If you want to list fly fishing gear to sell or trade, contact Joe Gerace DVD The Underwater World of Trout – Discovery, 52 minute narrated journey by Wendel “Ozzie” Ozefovich. New. Lists for $24.95. Sell for $10.00 Book: Get The Net! The Crazed Fly Fisherman’s Catalog by Jack Ohman. Humor. $2.00 Book: Fishing: An Angler’s Dictionary by Beard & McKie. Humor. $2.00 Book: The Royal Wulff Murders by Keith McCafferty. Mystery. Hard cover. $5.00 Book: McClane’s Secrets of Successful Fishing by A.J. McClane, soft cover. $2.00 Book: Fishing and Thinking by A.A. Luce, soft cover. $2.00 Book: Collins Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies by John Roberts, hard cover. $5.00 Fly line: Rio Camolux Lake WF7I (1.5-2ips)$15.00 Woman’s wading boots: Redington size 6, black felt sole, perfect for daughter/granddaughter/niece, new. Lists for  $79.95, sell for $15.00