The South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers  was formed in February 2003 with the hopes of bringing together and educating saltwater fly anglers who call the waters of South Jersey their home. Our purpose is to promote and teach fly fishing in South Jersey waters. We originally met at the Grenlock Community Center in Washington Township. In 2005 the club moved its meetings to Ocean City, NJ,  where we are still meeting today.  We meet monthly on the third Thursday of each month at the Bayside Center, located at 520 Bay Avenue, Ocean City, NJ.  Meeting programs cover tying, tactics, fishing reports, tackle tips, and presentations by local and regional experts. The club hosts fishing events on local waters several times a year.  This is a great way to learn local hot spots, and in recent years we have expanded to freshwater fly fishing as well. We also support local civic and charitable activities. For three years we have raised funds and helped tutor the South Jersey Chapter of Casting for Recovery. We also participate in activities at the Wetlands Instiute in Stone Harbor, and conduct casting, fly fishing, and tying classes in the Becoming an Outdoor Woman program hosted by the state of New Jersey. Club Officers 2017